Year: 2015

Nashoba Valley Ski Area is Open for the Season!

The ski area is open for the season!  Our artificial snow base was supplemented by some natural snowfall on Monday night, allowing us to open 3 trails.  We’ve since opened Bull Run, bringing the count to 4 trails and 3 lifts.  We’re continuing to make snow whenever possible.

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Snowmaking November 23, 2015

We started up our snowmaking system tonight.

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Rails from the Crypt

Rails from the Crypt is back again. The rails and boxes in our graveyard have awoken from their summer slumber for our shred-thirsty creepers and goons to feed on. Terrain park creature creators will be setting up a creepy course of haunted handrails and bloody boxes. So don’t throw away your zombie get-ups or politically incorrect costumes, because this will be the official send-off of the 2015 Halloween season and welcoming of the upcoming winter season at Nashoba Valley. Prizes will be given for costumes and tricks. Plus, a cash prize for best trick for both ski and snowboard.

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Witch’s Woods 2015 Second Weekend Video

Witch’s Woods has new scares for this October, 2015! Check out some action from our opening weekend, featuring the “Demon’s Plague” scenes from our haunted hayride.

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Haunt Spotlight: 3D Keeper’s Crypt

Witch’s Woods is open for another weekend with all 6 haunted attractions running. We also just got our second carnival ride, Starlight Exodus, so the Screampark is fully open with 100% of our attractions.

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